Commercial roofing is not always categorized as being specific only to commercial buildings, but is more common in defining a type of building. The term, commercial roofing is sometimes used to describe a type of roof construction that uses common techniques for buildings designed for commercial uses. These techniques can include those used on flat roofs, as well as roofs with a pitch designed to shed water. In most cases, commercial buildings have flat roofs that need specific materials or special types of installation to prevent leaks.


Historically, the most common type of flat roof was constructed using tar and gravel. The roofers would put down a layer of hot tar and cover it with gravel. As the tar cooled, it would harden and the roofers would then place several more layers of tar and gravel. These techniques are still in use today using more advanced materials and include everything from tar paper to specially designed spray-on foams and polyurethane membranes.

Some of the new roofing materials for commercial roofing applications use composite materials that not only last longer, but help to reduce utility costs through added insulation and heat reflection. These materials require a knowledgeable and experienced roofer to ensure the proper installation methods.

Today, commercial roofing is environmentally friendly and offers many new innovations making it imperative to hire a professional roofing company that can provide roofing options specific to your needs.


Many of the new architectural designs incorporate commercial roofing application, whether the building is used for commercial purposes or not. In South Carolina it is best to consult an experienced roofer that knows what types of roofing materials are best for a particular type of roof construction.

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