Residential Roof Repair Problems

Residential roof repair can include anything from a small fix to a complete roof replacement but repairing a roof leak is just as important as repairing the more serious types of roof damage. A small leak can be more problematic in the long run and can cause unseen damage to the substructure of the house, potentially developing into a larger issue, like mold or rot. In some cases, when a homeowner sees signs of a leaky roof, there is already damage occurring that may have gone unnoticed for years. This damage might simply be associated with the insulation, or it could be manifested in weakened roof supports.

A residential roof repair professional might be necessary if you have standing water, wet carpets, or discolored sheetrock. Discolored sheetrock can be easy to spot in most cases. However, if the small stain on the ceiling seems to grow or shift each time it rains, then there is a problem that could require a roofing contractor to determine what is needed to repair the leak.

Residential Roof Repair Cost

Residential Roof Repair costs vary depending on how quickly a problem gets treated. Homeowners should take the time to perform periodic inspections of their attics to ensure that there are no minor leaks that could be easily and affordably corrected by a residential roof repair professional.

Residential Roof Repair Professionals

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