Spanish Tile Roofing in South Carolina

Spanish tile roofing is not that common in the Upstate but can be the right choice for someone who is considering or interested in having a spanish tile roof. People typically believe that spanish tiles are only available in one color, but there are actually a variety of colors from which to choose. Spanish tile roofing materials are red in most cases but can also be found in a green variety that is less common, and other colors that are not officially Spanish tiles. Spanish Tile is also considered an eco-friendly green product and is highly resistant to wind and hail.

Spanish Tile Roofing Alternatives

Some manufacturers are making different types of roofing materials that are not actual spanish tiles but look similar. Some of these roofing material options include metal and plastic compounds. Authentic Spanish tile roofing materials are made of clay, but there are some advantages to using these alternate compounds:

  • They can offer more options for application.
  • In some cases, they weigh less, allowing them to be installed on homes that can’t support heavy clay.

Spanish Tile Roofing Professionals

Residential homes come in a variety of construction styles and some are not designed to maintain a spanish tile roof made of clay. We are the spanish tile roofing experts and our installers have the experience and training to take care of all your roofing needs. Contact us today to get more information about asphalt shingle roofing and to receive a free roofing quote for your next roof installation, repair, or replacement.